A Place to Worship

We seek to be a place where you can gather with others in worship. Like a good conversation, good worship should be a combination of listening and speaking. In worship both God and God's people both take turns assuming these roles. It should be noted that in this conversation God's people are called to listen and speak not only to God but to each other.

Traditional Worship:  Sundays at 10:30 am

Join us in the sanctuary as we mingle our lives with God and each other. This worship service features our pipe organ, grand piano and various choral groups.  We celebrate and receive communion on the first Sunday of each month.

Special Services

Throughout the year we offer a number of special season worship services. Specific dates for these offerings may be obtained by calling the church office at (765) 463-5564.

    ◊  Candlelight Christmas Eve
    ◊  Ash Wednesday
    ◊  Maundy Thursday
    ◊  Good Friday
    ◊  Easter Sunday
    ◊  Pentecost Sunday
    ◊  World Communion Sunday
    ◊  Eve of All Hallows