A Place to Grow

We aspire to be a place where you can learn to better seek God by imitating Jesus Christ.  Disciple is another word for a follower or imitator.  Following or trying to imitate Jesus Christ, who exemplifies divine human relationship, is central to what we do as we seek to interact with God.  Toward this end we seek to assist all in becoming life-long Bible learners, develop habits that promote relating to God and creating an environment of free inquiry where all can contribute to our efforts to understand and respond to God.

Fostering Free Inquiry

At Federated Church, we like to say that we are diverse in opinion, but united in Christ.  Indeed, we believe the more faith perspective that can be brought to bear on a subject, the better it will be understood for the good of all.  You are invited to be a part of the following opportunities to come together, share our various points of view and be one with God and each other.

Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines

Internal habits like meditation, prayer, fasting and study, external habits like simplicity, solitude, submission, service and shared disciplines such as confession, worship, guidance and celebration, are an essential part to spiritual growth.

With these things in mind, Federated offers the following ongoing learning opportunities:

Christian Meditation Group

Our meditation group meets each Monday evening at 7:00 at the church.  We are a member group of the World Community for Christian Meditation.  If you have questions, please contact Bill DeWitt at (497-3750) or Nola DeWitt at (497-3750).

Sunday Adult Classes

At 9:30 each Sunday morning, we have three adult classes, one that focuses on specific Books of the Bible (facilitated by Rev. John Williams), another that explores contemporary and historical Biblical issues and texts, (facilitated by Gary Steinhardt), and a third that delves into pressing current social-justice issues (led by Steve Pekarek, Rev. Michael Johnson and others).  See our online calendar for topics and meeting locations.

Sunday Classes for Children and Youth

Each Sunday morning at 9:30, we offer Christian education opportunities for children of all ages: one for elementary school children (grades 2-5), another for middle school students (grades 6-8), and one for high school (grades 9-12).  Pre-K, Kindergarten and first-graders are welcome to sing with our children's choir at 9:30, and they also have a special class called Worship and Wonder that meets at 10:45.  Middle school kids (grades 6-8 "F.I.S.H." group) also meet most Sundays after worship at 11:45.  Our high school youth (grade 9-12 "YOUth") meet at 11:45 on the first and fourth Sundays of the month.  For more information, see the Place for Children & Youth page and also our online calendar.