A Place to Discover Personal Mission / Ministry

We strive to be a place where you can discover, embrace and enhance the faith of others through the Spirit-fueled expression of faith. Faith is a verb. It is something you do. Figuring out the ways in which with the Holy Spirit each of us should enact our faith and encouraging one another in each other as we do for God and each other is what we mean by Spirit-fueled ministry. Our efforts to do faith range from the individual to the church as a whole.

Individual Mission/Ministry

Our vibrant music ministry is a place where our belief that everyone has the potential for mission and ministry is enacted.

Chancel Choir:  Our "all star, all volunteer" choir always has room for one more person eager to "make a joyful noise."  Rehearsals are held most Wednesday evenings during the school year at 6:30 pm.

Children's Choir:  Help the children in your life serve God and have fun by joining our Children's Choir.  Contact the church office (phone 463-5564) to learn when and where rehearsals are held.

Handbell Choir:  Federated's handbell choir regularly contributes to worship as a group and as individuals.  Contact the church office (phone 463-5564) to learn more.

Vocal and Instrumental:  Share your instrumental and/or vocal talent with God and God's people.  Contact church office (phone 463-5564) for information.

Local Ministry/Mission

Supplementing Federated's relationship with its denominational partners are several direct relationships with local ministry/mission partners that seek to respond to the prompting of the Spirit in the immediate area.

Lafayette Urban Ministry provides ecumenical assistance to the Lafayette area's needy children and families. Federated actively participates in LUM programs such as Hunger Hike and by serving as a long-time host church for Jubilee Christmas.

We provide volunteer labor and financial assistance in the construction of Habitat for Humanity affordable housing. Our most recent joint projects were the Apostle Build and Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Build.

We support and work with Campus Ministry programs serving the Purdue University student population, such as the Baptist Student Foundation.

Members of our congregation also enjoy volunteering to assist with activities of the Lafayette area Head Start program, building a community playground, and working with the Food Finders Foodbank to procure and distribute food to the area community.

Church as a Whole

So that it may respond to Spirit-shaped opportunities outside of the immediate area, Federated has developed productive relationships with other ministry/mission partners.

We recently helped to provide badly-needed backbacks for Nigerian school students, helped with a medical support mission to Zimbabwe, work with developmentally-challenged residents of Rainbow Acres in Arizona to help them learn needed computer skills, facilitate ongoing volunteer opportunities at Children's Haven International in Reynosa, Mexico (including the much-appreciated transfer of our church van, packed floor-to-ceiling with donations of worldly goods), and also work with the Mexican-based Casas Por Christos ("houses for Christ") program.

From the beginning of its history, Federated Church has relied on its relationship with its two denominational partners (American Baptist and Disciples of Christ) to promote ministry/mission. More information and links to our denominational affiliates are available on the Affiliations page.