As of November 28, 2017, this website is no longer "officially" maintained.
Unofficially, it continues temporarily as a repository for videos of our worship service and other information that is not yet available on the new website.
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Welcome to Sacred Space!

Welcome to sacred space!  What makes this moment holy is not that you are reading about a community of faith or entertaining religious thoughts.  What makes this and every other aspect of your life sacred is that you are sharing it with God.  Federated Church exists to help anyone and everyone live out this truth.  Toward this end we seek to be four things to all:

    ♦ A place where you can gather with others in worship
    ♦ A place where you can learn to imitate Jesus Christ
    ♦ A place where you can discover and embrace your Spirit-fueled mission and ministry
    ♦ A place where you can have your relationship with God enhanced as you relate
                to authentic companions

Explore this website or contact us directly to learn about how our church family can enhance your sense of the sacred.

This is the church of our dreams.  A church adequate for the task.  A church of warm heart, of open mind, of the adventurous spirit; that knows no division of culture or class or denomination ... the church of the Master, the church of the people, the church of the living God.  (~Moore)

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